The Cusabo Nation Lacrosse mission is to expand awareness and opportunities to play youth lacrosse, increase diversity of players and affordability, and assist in providing excellent facilities, fields and instruction.

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Learn it, Live it, Give it

Cusabo Nation Lacrosse promotes a unified and systematic approach to Lacrosse. We coach and play off of the same playbook! The coaches all build on the same fundamental foundation and bring life to your team by blending your individual talents with your team. Each week we execute the same foundational practice plans across grade levels for Rec ball. Use our instructional manual and well thought out information to your advantage to build yourself into an unselfish, disciplined, team member. There is more than enough information provided to assist you in reaching your potential.

We lax better, together.

More Information:

What we do 

Common Beliefs 

Coaches and Philosophy 


Built to Last 

What we do (Our Value Proposition):

The Cusabo people believed in creating order out of chaos. The order that we bring is awareness of the game, a place to play the game, and the knowledge which has been handed down over the years from Coach to Player.

The Nation:
  • We bring awareness about the game.
  • We teach the fundamentals.
  • We support players that can not afford to play, have the desire to play, and are eligible to play.
  • We provide equipment and make sure the fields are ready.
  • We teach from a common play book.
  • We love the game.
  • We lax better, together.

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Common Beliefs (Our Values):

Our philosophy of coaching is values based and is built on the timeless foundation of:

  • Unselfishness
  • Discipline, &
  • Teamwork

In everything that we do, we will reference back to these three values. We strive to uphold these values daily. We know that we do not attain these at all times, but it is our common goal as a team.  When we do our job right, our teams will uphold our values and will be very successful. We will talk about our values and how each player and parent can honor the game and each other by focusing on our collective values. 

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Coaches and Philosophy (Who we are and what we are about):

Our coaches have all played at high levels in High School or College.  All of our coaches have a relevant understanding of today’s game and understand that the gateway in to the game can come as a very young player or as an accomplished athlete from another sport. Our coaches work together across age divisions and will make sure that the instruction is age, as well as skill appropriate.

Our Instructional Mission is to teach and instruct first, to coach games second, to win games third.

As always, we want to thank you for your commitment to the program.

  • Sportsmanship above all else
  • The tone of the voice is almost more important than what is being said
  • Never shame a kid
  • Never question a kid's toughness. You can let them know that they need to step it up in other ways
  • Correct a kid quietly; congratulate him at the top of your lungs


Rules – Teach the rules and refuse to bend the rules to win.

Opponents – Respect your opponents, treat them fairly, and maintain
high level of sportsmanship.

Officials – Show respect when you disagree, be calm and rational.

Teammates – Never do anything to embarrass the team, stick with your
teammates, do what’s in the interest of the team not the individual.

Self – Self-respect is easier when you teach that playing hard/giving
100% is the sole priority (along with having fun).


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Instruction (Our Service Offering):

Our Instruction is delivered in three segments:

  1. Player Skills,
  2. Position Skills, &
  3. Teamwork Skills.

Some players pick up skills right away, others take a little longer; but lacrosse is a game that allows all shapes, sizes, and athletic abilities a place to compete as a team. We will cover each segment for all ages, but we will focus on segment 2 (Position Skills) and segment 3 (Teamwork Skills) as the player gets older and more developed. Segment 1 mastery is a lifelong goal but is fundamental to the next two steps. The more a player works with their stick at home and in the off season the faster the later segments will come for them. You will know that your daughter, or son, is getting after player skills when they sleep with their lacrosse sticks, take them to church, play wall ball for countless hours, or take their stick in the car to run an errand!


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Built to Last (Our Legacy – Learn It, Live It, Give It):

Our system has been created to support your child as she, or he, progresses toward High School. We are here for Rec Ball, Travel, Clinics, Camps, Fall Ball, and private instruction. Our hope, and plan, is that your son or daughter want to and will be able to play in the Cusabo system year in and year out. Travel ball is not as important when young, but it becomes very important in middle and upper schools if your child is inclined to take their game that far.

The Season of Life. What a book! What principles! 

As a values based, parent led organization we think you will agree with our collective realization that raising children is a work in progress!  We love the philosophy of Coach Jo Ehrmann described in Jeffrey Marx’s book 

Here is a review by a reader on Amazon: Loved the SEASON OF LIFE by Jeffrey

Marx . . . it is the author's account of the Gilman High School football team that is unlike any sports book that I've ever read, in that it is more about how Gilman's coaches use the game to teach such principles as love, empathy, integrity and living a life of service.

The 2001 Gilman Greyhounds did not go undefeated; in fact, they barely had a winning season (having previously been one of the top teams in the country) . . . however, their record was never the important thing. As the head coach noted when a mother asked him how successful did he think the boys were going to be, he replied, "I have no idea. . . . I won't really know how successful they're gonna be till they come back to visit in twenty years. . . . Then I'll be able to see what kind of husbands they are. I'll be able to see what kind of fathers they are. I'll see what they're doing in the community."





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